Monday, October 04, 1999

Broadening our Horizons

So this past weekend we went to CIY's OnPurpose here in Tulsa. Our entire team was there, so we got to spend quite a bit of time together. That was good. One of the speakers was talking much about God's will. Angie and I were soaking it in. Since we have chosen to follow God's leading to Italy in May, we have expanded our time commitment. We were first asked to consider a one year commitment to this field. Then we found out that language school might be six months in another city! We then decided to expand our commitment to six months for language school and one year in the target city. Next we found out that language school could be eight to nine months, so we said our commitment was for a year and eight to nine months. That lasted about two weeks before we just said our commitment was two years even. We have been functioning under that statement for a little while now. However, this past weekends' discussion of God's will got us asking some questions. "Who is putting the time commitment on this plan, us or God?" We determined that it was us and so we are changing our commitment to the following: We are going to stay in Italy as long as God wants us to stay there. If He leads us to something else, it would need to be with the same direction to which he has led us now. Bottom line is that we want to be where God wants us to be and nowhere else. So I guess that means we will continually evaluate our stay here.