Friday, December 30, 2005

Holiday Bowl

Sometimes I hate computers. I just wrote out this long sappy post but now that I clicked the wrong thing and it is all gone I am not really in the sappy mood any more. Basically I was saying OU won the hoiday bowl last night. Yeah!!! And there was this moment when I looked around and saw my family around me and everyone was happy. I said it much more elequently before but the moment is gone so this will have to do.
We had a great Christmas around here. Now we are all looking forward to New Year's. No big plans. Probably just games, food and fun. That's the Crosser tradition.

Friday, December 23, 2005

First day in Tulsa

So yesterday was our first full day in America. I woke up at 7:45 and was so excited that I couldn't go back to sleep. It was so strange to wake up and realize that we were really here! Matt got up soon after and we finished unpacking and organizing. I took a shower and called my mom and sister. My poor mom is sick! She doesn't feel very good but is trying her hardest to keep up with us because she wants to be doing what we are doing. I hope she is better soon! My mom came and got me from Greg's (where we are staying) and we went by her old house to pick up a few things that I needed. Then she took me to her new apartament. It is so cute! She has done a very good job decorating it! It is country with red and cream. I love it! She seems so happy there so that is good. Then my sister came by and we went to lunch, Taco Bueno and brought the food back to Greg's. A little while later Mary took me to Dad's so I could get the Suburban. Dad is so nice to let us use it when we are here. Back to Greg's and then it was dinner time. Matt wanted Golden Corral so off we went. After dinner I went to Wal-Mart. Let me just tell you there were a lot of options on the tooth paste isle! I am so not used to that! After about 10 minutes I picked a toothpaste and finished my shopping. After Wal-Mart I went to my friend Erin's house to see her for bit. I didn't get to stay long though because we were approaching 12 and I was fading fast.
Bet you always wondered what how a missionary might spend their first day in America huh? Well, there you go. My first day anyway.