Saturday, November 13, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving Early!

I know it is a little early for Thanksgiving, but we just hosted a Thanksgiving Outreach here in Ancona. It was really exciting. We had the most people ever at our facility for an event. There were thirty-nine people, including the eight of our team on the field. It was such a neat thing to see people we have been praying about for years come for the first time or once more to an event at our facility. Angie was in charge of hosting and planning the event and she did an absolutely amazing job! Our entire team and church was involved and we all put forth much hard work to see this event to fruition. Angie planned the event meticulously and our efforts were rewarded by a great turnout and opportunity to grow many of our relationships. I have heard people talk about churches focusing on numbers and I tell you the truth....I am focused on numbers. Because what better way can we determine how many souls are experiencing the Christ induced loving acts of service and sharing that are part of an event such as this. I am more than excited and I don't even really know how to write about it. God is continuing to move us, this team and this church forward, the funny thing is.....a few years ago, this church didn't exist. It is really something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Wow look at all the people!

Matt getting ready to carve the 2nd Turkey.

Angie getting everything ready.