Friday, July 15, 2011

July 2011 Newsletter

What a hot month we've experienced! Before you melt, read this. It's our July newsletter! Oh and if you would rather read it on your mobile device, scan the QR code below!

QR code scanning info -
* What is a QR code? It's kind of like a bar code but it can contain much more data, contact info, web addresses, etc.

* How do I scan this on my device?
  • Windows 7 Phones try PhraseMeme Scanner (found on the windows marketplace).
  • Android phones/tablets try QR Droid (found on the Android marketplace).
  • iPhone/iPad try QR-Reader (not tested personally).
  • Blackberry try QR Code Scanner Pro (not tested personally). 
* How do I read it on my device? You'll need a reader with pdf support (PDF reader).