Friday, December 16, 2011

December 2011 Newsletter

Below you'll see the images for our December 2011 Newsletter. Grab some hot cocoa and enjoy reading it.

QR code scanning info -
* What is a QR code? It's kind of like a bar code but it can contain much more data, contact info, web addresses, etc.

* How do I scan this on my device?
  • Windows 7 Phones with 7.5 (mango) update can use the bing vision search. [if you don't have this update try PhraseMeme Scanner (found on the windows marketplace)].
  • Android phones/tablets try QR Droid (found on the Android marketplace).
  • iPhone/iPad try QR-Reader (not tested personally).
  • Blackberry try QR Code Scanner Pro (not tested personally).
* How do I read it on my device? You'll need a reader with pdf support (PDF reader).

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Winter Cometh

The once green corn stalks ripple in the sharp wind like sand colored streamers
The last leaves cling desperately to barren branches
Limbs, like claws, reach to the sky thanking their Creator
Winter is coming, the earth feels the stretching of its sinews
Thinly stretched to the point of ripping
Yet renewed in a fire-like cold that kills all that might harm
Rebirth is in the throes of the frigid gray day
What once was warm will be once more
Crippling rigidity will give way to warm fluidity
When the Winter comes and goes
And grateful for the redeeming nature of Winter
The earth content, yet hopeful looks to Spring
Even as Winter has only stepped in the door