Monday, July 23, 2007

How Does It Feel?

I have been asked the question "how are you feeling?" regarding our transition off of the Ancona team an onto the Verona team. It's a hard thought to formulate. I guess in many ways I feel numb. Not in a "I don't care" kind of numb, but in a I honestly don't feel affected inside. I know the way that I usually process things, means that once we are off of the team and we have returned back to the states, then moved to Verona, it will start to sink in and I will think fondly of the things I miss. If I stopped and thought, I know that I would feel nostalgic now, however, I haven't felt like I have time to stop and think right now. We have been going through this transition for almost eight months now and I have been taking it in little by little, and slowly moving towards this goal.

Before we joined the Team Expansion Italy team, I was working at Hastings Entertainment in Joplin, Missouri while working through college. Hastings, is kind of like a Barnes & Noble meets Blockbuster meets Best Buy (music and software depts only), in other words they had books, videos, video rentals, music and software. When I started there I was a cashier at the front. I remember telling my interviewer that I would be their best salesman. I'm not sure if that was too confident or not, but they did quickly see leadership abilities in me, as well as other character traits that prompted them to promote me as manager of the music department. I was good as a cashier and they saw that I might be good as a manager also. So for the next year and a half, until we heard the Lord's call to Italy, I was the music manager. They even started sending me to other stores to help them boost sales and do inventory. As a cashier and as a manager, I worked for Hastings. In many ways, that is how I see the two situations with the two teams in Italy.

In Ancona, we are part of Taking Christ to Italy, a Team Expansion PACE project (adopted and set in motion by Shively Christian Church, Louisville, KY). In Verona, we will be part of Taking Christ to Italy, the same Team Expansion PACE project. If God were leading us to another country I would be feeling very different I think. But God is leading us to another city, that is part of the same plan that we have been working towards for eight years now. It isn't a step away as much as a step forward in seeing this PACE project fully realized and God's kingdom grown because of it. I think it is because of this that I feel numb. It isn't because I don't love the people here in Ancona, I do. I know that God will add people from Verona to love in my heart. It isn't because I don't cherish the great memories that outweigh the bad memories with our team members here in Ancona. I do and will cherish those memories. I know this isn't the end, not really. I'll miss seeing our Ancona team members on a regular basis, of course, but at least we'll only be 3-4 hours away. We can visit and they can too.

It will also be tough to remove ourselves from a ministry that has seen great momentum in the past couple of years. The book "Good to Great" talks about momentum and how when people usually see momentum it is always after years of great effort and commitment working towards that momentum. I also know that God brings us momentum when we are ready, after he has taken the time to prepare us for what he has coming. This ministry in Ancona is at a good point and I look forward to seeing how God works here in the future. As we make the move, first in thought then in the physical realm, to Verona we have have to start over. Maybe not at square one totally, Angie and I already know much any case much much more than when we arrived in Italy in March of 2001. But we do have to start over at learning a city, the people, their needs, the 'slang' for this region. We will start with very few acquaintances, like when we started in Ancona. But it is like a brand new canvas. One that we do not paint upon, but one where we are merely the tools of the Great Artist. Our new team are the brushes and paints, the oils and watercolors. When a master sets out to paint a masterpiece it is on the same blank canvas that anyone else can find. But it is through the particular strokes, colors, artistic talent and images one creates that it becomes a masterpiece. I greatly anticipate the two masterpieces that our Father is painting in Italy, in Ancona and Verona, along with the other cities where there are those that call out His name. I long to see the paintings finished and to see how we were used along the way.

So, how does it feel? I guess numb is only one aspect, the other is anxious. Anxious to see God's masterpieces of his people.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Cars....Who Needs 'Em? We Do!

It is interesting to note that we don't always realize how much we use cars until they aren't around. A couple weeks ago, I went to pick up our niece at the airport in Rome. When I hit the major Rome traffic, something happened with the car. I had been in snail speed traffic for about forty minutes, when all of a sudden the car died and never restarted. I wasn't sure what to do, but then a emergency tow truck came by, he looked at it and then said I needed to have him tow it to thier looked bad. I still hadn't picked up our niece, but had no choice but to let him take me and the car to the garage. After the mechanic looked over the engine he delivered the bad news. The engine block had overheated and they wouldn't be able to get me the car for several days. I had to leave it in Rome. I called a friend who lives outside of Rome (about forty minutes from where I was) and he got me and our visitors from the airport. He and his wife provided us with lunch before we took the late afternoon train back to Ancona.

About a week and a half later, we returned to Rome, via train travel, and picked up the car. It is a staggering large amount that three of our churches helped us cover. When supporters rise to our needs it always makes us feel supported, and basically feeling the love of God through his Body. About five minutes after picking up the car, the air conditioner stopped, then I noticed the level of gas was noticeably lower than when I had left it in Rome. Start the conspiracy music......Not only do I think they overcharged me, because I was a foreignor, but I also think maybe they even siphoned my gas and took out my freon for the air conditioner!

We came drove back to Ancona, with the windows down the whole way, reminding me of when I would ride with my Dad in his ol' green pickup truck also with no air conditioner. It wasn't bad, but for a four hour ride it the noise got to you a little. That was about a week ago, today I took it into our mechanic here in Ancona. He thought that they definitely overcharged me too, but agreeing there wasn't much I could do. Hopefully, the air conditioner just needs freon, but I'll find out tomorrow morning. Meanwhile, I am thankful to God for the life He has provided for Angie and myself. Thankful for all the good that we have seen in our lives. And thankful for seeing God's people act.