Tuesday, March 07, 2006

On the road again....

So after about 4 days in bed and lots of medicine in us we are on our way to Louisville. We had to postpone our trip by a few days so hopefully that won't mess up our schedule too much. We should get to Louisville today. We are both still pretty tired but that's ok at least we are on the road now.
We made it to Memphis last night and will finish the trip today. We always come through Memphis even though it adds an hour of driving because we love Corky’s BBQ. It is so good and worth the extra hour in the car! Matt has also wanted to see the famous air plane Memphis Belle. We have tried to see it twice before I think. Once the museum was closed the day we were here and the second time the plane was being moved and was in parts so you couldn’t see it. We thought this time it would work out….third times the charm right? Nope. Now it isn’t even in Memphis anymore. I guess Memphis wasn’t taking care of it like they were supposed to be some air plane museum in Ohio (or something like that) took it back!!!