Thursday, June 17, 2004

Resident Permission Application Turned In

Well, we just got back from the Questura (Police Station) where with the help of Amedeo (the police chief in our church from a nearby city) we were able to turn in our applications for our permissi renewal in record time! We were in and out in about twenty minutes. When we arrived, Amedeo was already there to meet us. Once we got inside, we still had to fill out the applications, if we had done those in advance we probably could have been in and out in about 10 minutes! It is still hard to believe that it went so smoothly, our God is indeed great. He has helped our team manage with these difficult tasks in the past and now he has continued to make it easier. We are not totally out of the woods though, turning in the applications is the first of a two step review of our applications. We are supposed to go back on August 7th and pick up our permissi. At that time it will be secure for a year or more stay in Italy. Turning in the applications is usually the most difficult step, however. Please pray that they would make the permissi for longer than a year this time. We have heard recently that in the past they would double the length of time each year you renew it, which if that is the case, we would get it for two years this time, four years the time after that. It is a great feeling to have these major steps out of the way. Thanks for your prayers. Here are the things that we had to get together to take with us (the starred items are things we weren't old we would need but had them just in case).

- Three passport size photos.
- Our current permissi (they expired today).
- Two $15 stamps called 'Marca di Bollo' which are used for all kids of legal documents.
- Our passports.
- The letter from the Christian organization in Italy that is legally inviting us here.
- * Our new Italian resident cards (see below to read about the resident cards).
- * Our apartment contract (for verification of living situation).
- * A current gas bill (for further verification).
- * and Amedeo!

Whew, I am glad that's over.....for at least another year.
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