Monday, August 02, 2004

Mmmm Fresh Bread

As the dawn broke this morning, I smelled bread cooking wafting in from the new pastry shop and bakery that just opened. Ok, well that isn't exactly how it happened (I mean, I am not usually up at dawn anyway and if I is a small shop a block from the house). If you remember me writing about this shop you'll know what I am talking about (read the previous story here
Angie came home this afternoon and asked if I saw the new shop was open. I hadn't yet. We had seen them starting to do more like bringing in a cash register....that is usually a sign that something is getting ready to happen. So about an hour later we down to see their grand opening. When any shop opens in Italy it is a BIG deal. I mean there is always some kind of grand opening with snacks and refreshments. We went in and bought a few pastries to take home. I wished the woman behind the cash register well and she asked us to take some of the snacks on our way out. So I grabbed what tasted like a minipastry roll with raisins. It was deeeelicious. Once we got outside, I snapped a shot of the front of it, which is seen in the picture below.
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