Saturday, May 20, 2006

Let's Play Dress Up!

Today is my niece Macy's birthday party. She is turning 4. Her actual birthday was last week but her party is today. It is a dress up party. So cute!!! All the kids are supposed to be coming in their dress up clothes. Macy will be Cinderella today. During the party they are going to play pin the purse on the girl (an actual game my sister found at the store) and the girls are going to decorate crowns while the boys make sports themed door hangers.
I asked Macy what she wanted for her birthday but she said she didn't know. I started suggesting toys and she kept saying no. Then I asked her if she wanted clothes and she said YES!! A girl after my own heart. So being the sacrificial aunt that I am I made myself go clothes shopping. I found the cutest little outfits with shoes to match! She also just got her ears pierced so I had to get her some fun earings too. Thanks to Wal-Mart for such low prices that an aunt can go crazy and still only spend about 30 bucks!!
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