Friday, December 08, 2006

Holiday in Italy...

Today is a holiday in Italy. It is a Catholic Holiday for the Immaculate Conception. One might think this is referring to Christ being immaculately conceived (the Holy Spirit conceiving the child). However, the theology goes that for the virgin Mary to be able to carry Christ she had to be without sin. The theology continues that Mary's mother had to conceive by the Holy Spirit for her to carry Mary. The difference between Mary's conception and Christ's conception would be that Mary was a virgin and conceived by the Holy Spirit whereas the mother of Mary would have had normal relations with her husband then the Holy Spirit would have intervened. The logic breaks down for me, because wouldn't Mary's mother needed to have been conceived by the Holy Spirit and then so on and on and on?

Regardless of why, it's a day off. Yesterday, was my normal day off and tomorrow I have a half day off. Good time just relaxing with Angie at home. Don't forget to take time to rest.
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