Thursday, April 16, 2009

An Apartment in Verona

So, we heard back from our real estate agents in Verona this was actually around 2:30 AM last night when I called, that is 9:30 AM their time. Giulia told me she had "Buone Notizie" (Good News) for us! If we met the landlord between what he was asking and what we had offered the apartment was ours! I said okay and they are now preparing the contracts for us to sign. They will get us the landlord's bank account info for us to do an international transfer. Giulia, and on another occasion Elio (another agent), had told me they would be able to help us get utilities turned on. This is amazing, especially for the internet since one time we waited three weeks to get the internet on!

And here are some photos that the agency had emailed us.

Living Room:

Hallway coming from the bedrooms (living room is straight ahead):
Master Bedroom:
Matt's Office/Guest Bedroom:
Angie's Office/Guest Bedroom:
Private Parking area:

Here is the location of the apartment in Google Maps:

View Via 24 Maggio, 37 Verona, Italy in a larger map
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