Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sleepy Saturday...Working!

So, here I find myself the the fourth Saturday out of five working. I am almost done with the new VBS curriculum I'm working on, JUMP VBS. I have almost 100 pages done and only about fifteen to go. I have really enjoyed designing this curriculum, but I have been working on it for months. Some design and research were done a year ago! So, even though I have enjoyed it, I am ready to have it complete. Usually, after lunch I find myself fighting the natural napping desire. I try different things to get me out of the after lunch funk. I get more Diet Dr. Pepper (cans are kept at the ready in the fridge at my office), I make coffee with my Keurig coffee maker (so I can make one cup of coffee at a time), and I have stood up and walk around in a circle around my office. Well, enough writing, now back to writing...if I can keep my eyelids open.
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