Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Unselfish Birthday Wishes

I love the trend of unselfish birthday choices. There's nothing wrong with having a birthday or getting presents. Yet, if you're looking for the moments in your life where you are can have a large impact, birthdays could be on that list. Birthdays are usually a time when the limelight is directly shining on you, so what better way to use that stage than to share about your faith or kickstart a project with meaningful impact. Haley G. is one of our HP students who is doing just that.

Blackbox International is a Christian organization that exists to holistically rehabilitate sex-trafficked boys age 16 and under. There is an estimated 400,000 boys who are trafficked each year and Blackbox is making a difference. However, they need help. Haley wants to help.

This year on her birthday on January 19, Haley is raising money and awareness for Blackbox International. She wanted to do something different this year instead of just having another year of cake and presents. Her plan is to raise money from school, church and Facebook friends, then use the money for Blackbox. Her goal is to raise at least $200 to help another boy come into the organization. All the money raised will be given directly to Blackbox to make this happen.

I'm praying that her efforts are multiplied beyond what she hoped for, not only to encourage her faith but help Blackbox as they seek to assist 'the least of these'.

If you would like to help Haley in this, please contact me at Or contact her directly if you know her personally. Let's partner together to battle to help rescue these young boys made in the image of God.

You can read more about Blackbox International at
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