Monday, March 26, 2001

God Provides a House - We Think

Well to update you on how the apartment hunting is going on......on our last appointment Friday afternoon, we found what looked like the apartment God was leading us to. The only problem was the landlord required a large sum up front (in the thousands of $$). We were not prepared nor expecting this, so first we prayed. The location is closest to the school that we have seen so far, in fact you can see the class buildings from the windows. It has been remodeled and rewired with new pipes, electrical wires, telephone wires, etc.. It has an oven, washer, dishwasher and a bathtub (which is a little rare here in Italy). So, after we prayed about it, we still felt like this was the one. That evening I emailed several of our supporting churches. WOW!!!!!! Can I say WOW again!!!!!! Three churches came back with more than we needed! $2,940.00!! This will cover the up front expenses, the real estate agent's fee, first month's rent and also part of our first month's school tuition. God is great. I want thank all of you who may have had a part in this generous giving. We started the negotiation process. In Italy you submit a preliminary contract along with a deposit. Our real estate agents suggested offering a little less than the landlord is asking. If the landlord accepts this offer then we should be in the apartment by the end of the week. If she chooses not to accept the offer then we will resubmit a contract with a little higher offer. Either way our real estate agents are confident we will get the apartment. Soon after we get in the apartment we will post pictures of it at our website ( Thanks again for all your support and prayers.
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