Thursday, March 29, 2001

The Hunt Ends...

Ahhhhhh, one major step done in our adjustment to life in Italy. We signed the contract on our apartment yesterday. We get the keys in the morning, March 31st, so barring any unforeseen circumstances we will be moving into our new home tomorrow. The team that is here have volunteered to help us clean and move in (thanks so much guys & girls). For those of you that know how much I enjoy to grill, you'll be happy to know we picked up an indoor grill (since we don't have a terrace or yard). We plan on grilling chicken and having baked potatoes tomorrow night, so if you're in the vicinity come on over. We'll make extra.

Now if any of you are compelled to send us anything in the mail (we'll be looking) our new address is.......

Matt & Angie Crosser
Via Campo Battaglia 28
Perugia, ITALY 06122

Our phone number is still the same. For those of you wondering it doesn't cost us anything to receive calls.

Please pray for our landlord, that we may be a light to her and that she come to know our savior as we know Him. Her name is Maria Luisa Rondolini. She is a detail-oriented person that I believe is not married. We also got the impression that she is a little lonely.

Finally, we enrolled in language school today. We start on Monday. Angie and I are in the same class which is great for several reasons, one of which is scheduling. Please continue to pray for our language learning. We have already learned many phrases so your prayers are already being heard.

Thanks so much for all the support you are to us.
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