Monday, April 02, 2001

School Bells....

Hey all, thanks for the emails and the prayers. We started School on Monday. our class is really full, in the summer I'm sure we will have some interesting smells......Mmmmmm. Although, half our class is from the states, which is fairly unusual. we met several of the Americans, which are college age, and we are going to have them over some time this weekend. There are also people in our class from China, Columbia,, Korea, Mongolia, Australia and a few other places that I can't recall. Our updates may be a bit sparse the next two to three weeks, while we wait for our home phone to be installed. It takes a little time for Foreigners to get phones in Italy. We are currently using Jason & Heather Casey's phone line to check, send and receive email. Thanks alot guys. Our love to you, our family and friends, thanks for your support.

Once we get our (home) phone service turned on I will put pictures of our apt on our website, for all to see. And for those that asked about our cell phone number it is 011-39-340-5305186. And our phone service does not charge us for incoming calls. Best times to call from the states would be from 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Sunday through Saturday. Ciao.
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