Thursday, February 03, 2005

Mid-Winter Rally

We were low on funds but several supporters enabled us to go to the annual Mid-Winter Rally. It was in Hermeskeil, Germany (which is near Frankfurt, Germany and the country of Luxembourg). A week before we were supposed to go to the rally, our differential went out on our car and our mechanic told us that our transmission probably only had another 500 km left on it. If we took care of it then, we wouldn't have to pay for labor twice, since they already had it apart for the differential. Two of our supporting churches took care of the expenses and provided us with a very safe and secure means for travelling to Germany for the rally.

The sessions went well and the fellowship provided much encouragement. During the week were gone we were able to eat some American food! We at Chi Chi's in downtown Luxembourg, Pizza Hut also in Luxembourg and Kentucky Fried Chicken in Frankfurt, Germany. On our return trip to Italy, we saw the Frankenstein Castle near Darmstadt, Germany. Our trip took us through the following countries...Switzerland, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria and back in Italy. We also were able to visit a Christian bookstore in Vicenza, Italy on the way home. We purchased many books, cd's and resources to help with our new Celebration services and kids' time "Sorrisi". The trip definitely refreshed us to start our year out right.
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