Thursday, February 03, 2005

New Celebration Service

Whew...for a few months we have been busy preparing for a major new addition to our ministry, our weekly celebration service. Having celebration ready to go, meant having our kids ministry setup, planned and ready to go as well. We came up with the name "Sorrisi" which means 'smiles'. Then we took the book of John and fleshed out curriculum for several months (the rest of the church is studying it as well at the same time). We asked Marta to write the stories, Angie has been coming up with crafts and activities and I have been drawing original story pictures, videos and art for crafts. Celebration and Sorrisi started last Sunday and it went really well. We have been working this week on the next few Sorrisi kids times. I'm glad that it has gone so well and felt so normal to add this new aspect.
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