Saturday, October 14, 2006

Indoor Plumbing

Yesterday about 11:30 I got ready to take a shower and when I tried to turn on the water in the bathroom the faucet just make a gurgeling noise and no water came out! My first thought was oh no did we pay the water bill???? Come to find out we had paid our water bill. The problem was that one of the major water lines in the city had broken and about 20,000 people in Ancona were without water! Crazy! You really don't notice how many times during the day that you use water until you don't have any. Especially when you are trying to get ready so you can go teach English in about an a couple of hours. Washing you hands, laundry, washing dishes and even cooking is difficult to do. You would laugh if you knew how many times I tried to turn on the water just out of habit. After, English Club I asked the Rotert's if they wouldn't mind having some house guests for dinner since I had planned on making pasta for dinner but no pasta, well no soft pasta that is. Because by the way the Rotert's did have water. They were the only family on the team that did.
It was really interesting because you could go to several different places in the city and load up on water. The city had placed these huge tanks around and you could go and get water there. It was interesting being here, seeing how the city reacted and how I reacted to a small emergency situation. By the time we came home last night the magic of indoor plumbing had returned to our home. I know I am spoiled that I can turn on a faucet in three different rooms in my house and get water. There are so many places in the world that can't do that. But to me it was a difficult day. A day that once again I am reminded of how fortunate I really am.
On another note, fall weather has FINALLY arrived here in Ancona. I couldn't be happier about that!!! :)
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