Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Jalapeno Bombs

Sometimes living in a foreign country you start to miss foods from your homeland. In our case..American food. Now Matt and I haven't even been back in Italy for six months yet so our cravings for American food are not great. But tastes from home still bring comfort and delight. This brings us to last night when we tried a new restaurant called Highlanders. A few of our team mates had tried it and sent back good reports so went to give it a whirl. They had something called Jalapeno Bombs. We ordered some and although my mind was thinking Sonic cheddar peppers Matt and I kept saying "let's remember we are in Italy not America. These probably will not task like what we are expecting." Then I took my first bit and .......CHEDDAR PEPPERS!!!!!! They are a bit more spicy and that it ok with me but yummy all the same. They look a bit different with a red pepper and white cheese but they will help fill a Sonic craving. It's so fun finding new places to eat. The burgers weren't bad either. They were not close to Sonci but they were still good.
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