Sunday, November 12, 2006

A Very Busy Weekend

Wednesday of last week my phone rang probably 30 times in one day. The next day my phone rang about 10 times and the days after that a couple times a day. Why so many calls you might ask? Well apparently there was an add in the paper for someone looking for a pizza chef and my phone number was printed as the number to call about the job. Kinda funny. It did give me some language practice to explain the error about 40 times.
Yesterday was our Thanksgiving Dinner Outreach. We had 48 people there for our biggest event ever! But let me tell you when it was over I was TIRED! I can't even remember the last time I was that tired. I hadn't slept a full nights sleep in two nights and had planned, shopped, ironed, cut, decorated, cooked and who knows what all else until the moment people started walking in the door. Really the whole team did so much to help. And I have to brag on my husband because without him and all the work he did to help me pull this together this dinner wouldn't have happened. When it was over my body hurt all over so I took some tylanol and went to bed early.
Today was our last life group as one. Next week we will be two life groups. It was really neat as we sat around our living room with a total of 16 people crammed into our living room singing worship songs. Most of the people were regular visitors but we even had one friend, Novella and her daughter here for the first time. There have even been a few other talking of visiting life group latley. It brought tears to my eyes to see how far God has brought us in the past 41/2 years that we have been having life group. Finally multiplication is here, finally our group is too big to fit into one house and it is a little hard for me to belive that we are actually multipling into two cells.
It has been an exciting, fun filled, emotional busy weekend. I think that tonight I am going to catch up on my TV shows and make something yummy for enchiladas!!!!
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