Friday, June 08, 2007

Summer Changes

The interns are here. I think they are really going to do a good job this summer. It seems that they are a pretty mature group. Of course, with Matt and I phasing out of things here that means that we are not that involved with them. I only see them for scheduled activities about two or three days a week. It is still so weird to say that we are phasing out of the work here. I mean by August first we will no longer be members of the Ancona team. We will be full time Verona team members.....What??!! Crazy!!! Scary!!!! Sometimes it is still hard to believe that all of this is happening. Even after we are Verona team members we are going to live here in Ancona until the first of November. We will still go to the coffee house, life group, etc. but we will go as participants...not team still seems weird to me.
On another note...Josh is gone . Without him here there is nobody to pick on me. Funny story about that...Josh used to pick on Heidi when she was here. Because of that Heidi always said that Josh reminded her of her brother Bobby. Well, when the Rotert's left for home assignment guess who Josh started picking on...ME! I told Josh one day that I could tell he missed Heidi because he was doing to me all the things he used to do to her. That's ok we miss Josh anyway! In happier news we are only 6 weeks and 6 days from the Rotert's coming back!!! Yeah!!!!! I really miss you Heidi!!!! On top of that our neice Taylor and her boyfriend are coming to spend three weeks with us and it looks like they will be here a little less than 3 weeks!!!! Good times.
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