Friday, June 29, 2007

Winding Down

So we are approaching the end of June. Which normally would just be another month passing by, but in this case it is ushering in the end of an era. We are almost in our last month on the Taking Christ to Italy: Go Ancona team. August 1st, we will be officially only on the Taking Christ to Italy: Go Verona team. We will still be living in Ancona and seeing the Ancona team members and Italian friends who live here, but all of our other tasks will relate to the new team and the new city. It is an amazing ride that started eight years and two months ago, in May 1999. We have went through many ups and downs, while experiencing things we never imagined. As I sit and reflect on the past, I get sentimental, thinking of times gone by, dinners with friends (team or nationals), birthday parties together, holidays, etc... But before I get too sad, there is one more holiday coming up and a few birthday parties left. It isn't over yet, so we'll enjoy celebrating the Fourth of July as Americans over here in Italy. We'll relish the next few birthday events. And with our responsibilities for the team and church, we'll finish strong. Not because we'll feel good, but because God wants our best. And our best is what we will strive to give him.
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