Friday, August 10, 2007

Tomato Juice, Rain and Graphics

So, earlier today it rained. It was a good rain. Not pouring and flooding the streets, but it wasn't sprinkling by any means. The rest of the day it has been cool (in the 60's) with a nice cloudy overcast. I love the rain.....just as long as it doesn't rain all the time!

I have been working on graphics for our new team. Mainly, prayer cards, but it is part of the overall design of our team's promotional materials. What I mean by that is, while I have been working on prayer cards, I have been keeping in mind the banner that I am going to work on next. And while I am working on both of these items, I am imagining/creating the design of our new website, stickers, etc..... But the prayer cards are almost done, just a little tweaking to do after receiving feedback.

Who else likes tomato juice based drinks? I don't drink tomato juice on airplanes anymore because I read that it can affect your stomach and you really don't need to mess with your biological functions and organs anymore than flying already does. But here on the ground, I love em. I just poured me a glass of tomato juice, then sprinkled some pepper, salt and tobasco sauce and finally finished by squirting in some lemon juice. Mmmm good. You should try it some time, although if you have other stomach issues you should leave out the tobasco sauce.

I guess, I need to get back on the graphics. That banner is not going to create itself.
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