Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Mmmm...Fresh Baked Bread.

Have you ever been walking by a bakery early in the morning and caught the scent of freshly baking bread? In Tulsa, off of eleventh street, Wonderbread is always pumping that smell in the air. In Italy, there are many small bakeries throughout the city. On a corner about a block from our apartment building there has been an open business space for several months. About two weeks ago we noticed a new bakey and pastry shop going in that space. It looks like they are moving pretty quick on it, therefore it could open soon (something that doesn't happen often). Since many businesses close in August, for an Italian holiday and the heat, I expect that it will open up in September. It excites me, however not just because of fresh baked bread and sweet homemade pastries, but because it means new opportunities. Throughout our life here, we are looking for opportunities to meet people and befriend them. Through those friendships we hope to be able to share the message of God's gift to them. As I pass the shop they are working on I can't help but wonder who will meet because of this new bakery. Will a relationship be struck with the owners, employees or frequent customers we might meet there. Join with us in prayer as we move forward with new opportunities and pray to God for us keep from missing any opportunities as well.
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