Friday, July 23, 2004

Where The Heat Sticks Like Honey.

That does it....It's hot.  Well, the cool summer we were enjoying left about three weeks ago.  It has gotten increasingly hotter since then.  It is one of those kinds of hot where everything feels sticky and air from the fan doesn't seem much different in temperature than the air around you.  I know it will get hotter though, I remember in years past it definitely being hotter.  Times where while riding on the elevator you feel like the air around you is so thick and hot that you almost stop breathing and desperately wait for the doors to open on the fifth floor (it is slower compared to elevators we have ridden on in the states, but fast than most in Italy).  Enough of that, so it's hot.  We will get through it.  Normally every year on September 1st, no matter what the weather has been like the summer previously it is like the heat miser heads to the hills packin the scorching sunshine with him.

In actuality I know that it is God who brings in the cool air in September and I am thankful to Him for it.  Cooler weather makes it easier to complete tasks, provide motivation and makes living much more comfortable all around.

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