Saturday, July 24, 2004

Sounds of the City at Night

In Italy, things seem close and open, rather than in America where things seem apart and closed.  From our balcony tonight, you could hear a virtual buffet of sounds.  From the ristorante in the piazza below, you can hear the dishes clink and clank as someone washes them in an effort to clean up.  From the open windows of several apartments surrounding us, the sounds of conversations, laughter and friendship are heard.  A woman talking on the phone comes from another.  In the distance a car drives by, however it is alone in it's venture.  In Italy between 8 PM and 10:30 PM people are at home, having dinner and enjoying each other.  The sound of a concert in a nearby piazza is heard as people are preparing to go out for the night.  However the sound that always peaks my interest comes from an apartment on the backside of our building.  Drifting up from an apartment below are the sounds of traditional Italian music playing from an elderly couple's radio.  In reminds me of a time that existed forty years ago or more.  Their lights are almost completely off, which is common in Italy at night to prevent heat from beng produced by the light bulbs.  This couple, whom we know only from seeing them out on their balcony, are sharing in a moment of closeness.  It derives from an intimacy of their lives, enjoying the sounds of a music they love most.  Ahh, there is nothing quite like Italy at night.  The lights, the sights and most of all, the sounds.

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