Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Couch

We noticed last week that one side of our couch was making lots of creeking sounds when you sat one it. One day I had to take the cover off so I could wash it and when I did you could see that the arm of the couch was seperating from the rest of the couch! Not a good thing. We have only had this couch less than 4 years and already it is falling apart. Matt assured me he could fix it. So yesterday I was at LaVia with Brandy and we came back to my house to eat lunch. When we walked in the door there was our couch all ripped apart! The apolstery pulled back and the arm taken off with pieces of wood laying everywhere. Matt had started working on it and it was at that point where it looks really bad and in the back of my mind I am thinking 'I sure do hope he can put that back together'. But sure enough by last night he had it all put back together and stronger than ever. He is such a handy guy to have around!
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