Sunday, October 23, 2005

Weekend with the Roterts

The Roterts were here this weekend. They just left to catch the train. I am always a little bit sad when they leave. We had a good weekend though. Friday they didn't get here until around seven but we had taco salad for dinner and watched some TV together. Saturday was a kid's ministry activity day and we went bowling. We had a really good group turn out, about 27 people including 4 families that are not members of our church. Today was life group and McDonald's for lunch. All in all a very fun weekend! Always made more fun when our friends are visiting.
This week begins Brandy's last week here in Ancona as my intern. I am really going to miss her! Not only because of her friendship but because when she leaves I will have the whole kids English outreach all on my own. Brandy don't leave!!!!
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