Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The End of the Road

We had a great time with the Satter's. We learned a lot about their ministry on the Apache Indian Reservation. They have a difficult job but are doing some great things that seem to be working well.
Then we headed out to Tombstone, Arizona where we spent two days. One of Matt's favorite movies is Tombstone. It was really neat walking the streets and imagining all the things that happened there. We got to see Boot Hill Cemetarty, a recreation of the OK Corral gun fight and several historical buildings. Pretty cool stuff!!!
After that we headed back to Tulsa. We got here last night, Valentine's Day. It is so good to be back! We had a great trip, lots of fun, good connections with supporters and prayer partners, raised some support and awareness for Italy but it was good to pull into Tulsa last night.
Two weeks of rest and then it is time to hit the road again.
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