Saturday, February 18, 2006

Sweet Snowy 16

It's snowing!!!! It is so beautiful outside. I love the snow!!! I had hoped that we would get a good snow fall while we were in Tulsa. We don't get snow that sticks in Ancona because we are too close to the Sea. It is so fun to be stuck in the house all day because the weather is bad. I went to Wal-Mart last night and the place was packed. Everyone was stocking up like a blizzard was coming. Cracks me up!
Today is our niece, Brittany's, 16th birthday. It is hard to belive. She was this little toddling thing when I started dating Matt. I love it that I have been around long enough that the older kids on Matt's side of the family don't remember life before Aunt Angie. I can't believe that she is 16. I hear parents say this all the time but it is true how fast kids grow up.
It is a fun day around here with snow and a 16th birthday!
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