Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Bags make good raincaps

During this time of year it tends to rain sporadically through the day. It isn't usually enough to get really soaked, but wets the ground and removes the humidity from the air. Angie and I were out running some errands and it started to sprinkle. While we were in a store it began sprinkling a little more. We decided to duck under the awning of a nearby shop to escape the drops. Once it returned to a light sprinkle we began heading on our way once more. As we were crossing the street we saw a humorous sight. Two men were walking across the street towards us and one of them was wearing a bag on his head, the kind of plastic sack you get at the grocery store. It stood tall like a tophat. The funny thing was, since it was a smaller sack it fit around his head good without having to use his hands to hold it on. He had positioned it so that the holes used for handles were around his ears, allowing it to securely fit and not disrupt his ability to hear his friend. I guess sacks do make good raincaps.
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