Friday, May 28, 2004

Sometimes We Only Think We Know

Last week, our team scouted out three language schools for us all to use for improving our lingua Italiana (Italian language). They all seemed like good options, but there was one that stood out in the minds of Angie and I. It was called Kompass and is about a fifteen minute walk from our house.

Today, Angie and I went to enroll. The old gruff guy behind the desk, hinted that he remembered us and with a smirk said, last week there were four of you (Jason, Marcus, Angie and I). We said, 'yeah, there were four of us.' He laughed and said, so does that mean tomorrow there will only be two of you? We all laughed and continued to make sure we understood there program. He turned out to not be very gruff at all, but very nice. We paid our enrollments and registration fees, then he gave us our receipts. He said, maybe someday you can help us out here with English, we said that might be good. He then asked if we were working in Ancona, then almost immediately he said, 'you don't have to answer that.' for fear he was being too personal. However, I told him what we were doing and he seemed impressed. While all this was going on, one of their professors was standing nearby. He came over and in total English said, "I don't mean to bother you, but we have a class of translators in here, would you mind coming in and letting them practice with you, if you can't understand them then future clients may not be able to either." We said sure, finished registering and went into a class of 13 college age girls, where we stayed for about an hour. There might be many opportunities which come from this and for that we are excited.
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