Sunday, May 23, 2004

Time Seemed to Stand Still

Last Wednesday morning around 9:15 am (Italy time) I received a phone call from my brother, Kevin. He said our dad had went into the ER at Saint Francis Hospital. Dad had fainted several times that night and was not feeling very well, so they went in and found out that he had experienced a mild heartattack. During all the diagnosis, it was found out he would need major open heart surgery. I was overcome with emotion. Our team prayed for my dad and us, since we were upset and feeling so far away. Angie and I both felt helpless. We prayed very fervently for his healing and recovery. Dad ended up having an eight bypass surgery which he came through very well. The doctor had said there was very little damage to the heart, so the blockages we all they were concerned about. During the surgery, the doctor said that there was evidence on Dad's heart of a previous mild heartattack at some point in the past (of which Dad has no recollection). Our team sent out prayer requests to all their prayer partners and many people and churches responded to us saying they were praying for us and our family, especially Dad. Things have progessed well. And we thank God for the healing that has happened so far. Dad's arteries were so blocked that statistically he could have suffered a fatal heartattack by more than a fifty percent chance. We are thankful for God taking care of our family while we are so far away. God is great and worthy to be praised.
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