Sunday, May 23, 2004

The Edge of Summer

The Casey's left today by train for Rome. The will be flying to the states tomorrow for their Home Assignment. They will be travelling throughout the states for about three and a half months before returning to Italy in mid-September. While they are gone I will be acting as the interim Team Leader, handling day to day leadership on the field. This adds a whole new arena of work for myself as I was just feeling comfortable in juggling my normal tasks. However, we have been planning for this for several months now and I feel ready to take the challenge.
We will however miss the Casey's tremendously. Jason and I teared up as we hugged one last time before they laft for the train station. Angie and Heather held each other tight and whispered encouragement to one another as she walked out the door. Marcus drove them to the train station using their car, which he is to park at their house. There is a hole left, although, the three of us who remain will do our best to continue forward in the effort of ministry that we are doing here in Ancona. God's will be done this summer in Ancona.
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