Saturday, September 15, 2007

Some Things Never Change....

We have mentioned in the past how much Angie and I love the Fall season. It is our favorite time of year. One of the many reasons why is that we LOVE football, expecially OU football. Each Saturday, getting ready for the game, grilling or making chili, it all has comfort written all over it. So, it has been a great joy to still be able to watch our team live via the internet while living so far away from home. Normally, we use our slingbox (follow this link to see what it is), which is connected at my brother's house. The slingbox lets us watch normal cable channels via the internet. Well, this week the game was on pay-per-view, which meant that my brother had to move around the slingbox to a different spot in order for us to see the game. Thanks Greg. It makes living so far away a little less difficult.

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