Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Has It Been That Long?

Eleven years ago today, we arrived in Italy to start a phase of ministry that went on for another eight years. We were privileged to be part of a church plant in Ancona, then followed God to Verona to help launch a new team there with the goal of another church plant in that city.

A couple years ago, we moved into a creative arts role based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma after a car accident in 2009 left my brother minimally conscious with traumatic brain injuries and in need of home care.

When we boarded that plane back in 2001 we had no idea what the future held. We had been raising support for one year and ten months and that flight was the culmination of much waiting and prayer.

Here's some pics from the days surrounding when we left Tulsa (March 6th) and the day we arrived in Italy on March 7th. From Rome we went on to Perugia where we would spend the next nine months in language study prior to moving to Ancona.

March 5th (Night before we left at Chili's for a Going Away Party)

Our nieces and nephews on the Crosser side (back row from ltor: Matt, Taylor and Angie; middle: Kohl and Brittany; front: Brandon and Jacob)

David, Mary Ann and our niece Shelby. Macy wasn't born yet!!

Angie with her dad, Steve

Matt, Angie and Angie's mom, Elaine

March 6th (At the Airport for our long awaited departure flight)

With Matt's parents (from ltor: Bill, Matt, Angie and Jeanne)

Brothers and Cousins (from ltor: Todd, Kevin, Matt, Kirk, Greg)

Best Friends (from ltor: Anita, Angie, Erin)
All our nieces and nephews (with the exception of the yet to born, Macy) (from ltor: Jacob, Taylor, Brittany, Brandon, Kohl and Shelby in front with the bottle)

March 7th (Due to a 7 hour time difference and length of flights, we arrived the next day in Italy, tired but happy)

Surprisingly couldn't find any pics from the day we arrived. Guess we were too tired.  I'll have to check with the Casey family.

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