Monday, March 05, 2012

Trip to Edmond for World Outreach Sunday

This weekend we made a trip to Edmond, Oklahoma. Edmond is only about an hour and a half from Tulsa. We went to be part of Edmond Christian Church's World Outreach Event. It is an annual event that highlights all their supported missions and focuses the church on God's heart for reaching the nations. Edmond has done a great job of hosting this event through the years from  getting the church goers involved to making it kid friendly.   

We got there Saturday afternoon and set up our display. I got the opportunity to contribute to one of their kids rooms. There was a room with a huge map on the wall for kids to write notes and draw pictures of encouragement to missionaries. The second room had a medical tent set up, complete with a medical dummy and nurse to take their blood pressure, heart rate, etc... In that room they learned about medical missions. It was in the last room which I got to help. The room was to help kids understand about servant missions, like building houses and painting walls. On one side of the room was a large beam for the kids to hammer in nails. On the other side was a big canvas draped over a pvc pipe frame. They asked me to paint a house outline so that they next day the kids could "paint" the house!

As we were leaving the parking lot after setting up we saw a really cool sign. Every church campus should have this sign as you leave to reenter the world.

Sunday morning came and we got to speak with many believers there in Edmond about the work and great opportunities that God was for us. We gave out many new prayer cards and added a commited prayer partner!  Kids came by and we gave them stickers that we made and stamped their "passport". The passport was something that Edmond came up with where each booth had a stamp and the kids took their little book with full color of the missionaries and we stamped the page with our name and picture on it. Such a creative way to insure that each child stopped at each booth!

When the service started we found a seat to worship together. During communion they showed a video of believers from all the world taking communion. Then during the offering they showed a companion video of believers taking up offering in countries around the globe. Great visual.

Then Angie and I went to talk with the children's church for about five or six minutes. We talked about the images and illustrations that I create travel all over the world to help missionaries tell people about Jesus. Then using my Motorola Xoom tablet, I drew them a picture based on a suggestion from the group. Afterwards the kids prayed for us and we rejoined the adults.

The message was brought by one of the missionaries, Nathan Lawson, missionary in Zimbabwe. Great sermon using the story of the master leaving three servants in charge of money while he took a trip. When he returned two had done something with the money, but the third buried it and hid it from sight. The thought that "what we have is not OURS" was impressed and other great ideas to reflect on.

After the service there was a lunch for all. The missionaries all went to a table in the front and after eating, we had a question and answer panel. Several questions were asked and answered. Then once the panel was finished everybody disbanded and we packed up our display. It turned out to be a great experience for us and the church.

As we left Edmond, we made our now compulsory stop at Pop's. It's on Route 66 and has hundreds of variations of pop/soda/carbonated beverages. I got soem root beer, grape soda, strawberry pop and a peach soda too!

Here's a video I created showing me drawing in CorelDraw X5 on my laptop. I did this so people at the event could see a little of how I do what I do.

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