Monday, November 21, 2005

Busy Day

So today has been a BUSY day! But a fun day too. I got up this morning and apparently got bit by the cleaning bug. I cleaned the bathrooms and I mean really good. Trust me they needed it. I also cleaned almost all the windows in the house. This is a big task requiring the ladder and patience. I am not a good window washer so they don't get cleaned often and that means when I do it (about twice a year) it is a big job. But I got it done and they look great I might add!
Then Matt and I went out and did all the shopping for Thanksgiving. Everything is bought! That means tomorrow I can start cooking!! Fun!!! We went out to one of the big stores so I could load up and when we were leaving the store I realized I hadn't gotten everything for dinner. But we had to be at the train station soon to pick up Brian and Josh so we had to go.
We got to the train station at just the right time. Picked up the guys and went home. Unloaded the car and chatted for awhile. Then the guys left to go to the airport and I went back to the grocery store to finish my shopping. The boys went to pick up Matt Hodges. He is here for thanksgiving! It is always fun to have visitors!!
This evening we had a big mexican dinner together and the guys just headed back to Perugia for a few days. It was a really good day!
30 days until we will be in Tulsa!!!!
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