Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Michael Buble

Ok, so last night was the Michael Buble concert. Can I just say I loved it!!! He is so cool! I love his music and his voice...he is awesome!! At the end of the concert in the encore he was singing the last line of the last song and all the instuments stopped, he stepped out in front of the microphone and sang the last line loud and beautiful. The whole place was quiet and you could hear him singing, just his voice...the man is good!! I loved it. He was a good entertainer too. He knew how to involve the crowd and make it fun. In the moments that he would talk between songs he could be a little edgy but his voice....the singing....would be hard to outdo. I think the only one I know of that could be better is Harry. I mean Buble is good but I would suspect that non can beat Harry.
At any rate me Matt and Josh had a great time. If you like Jazz or Swing as Michael Buble called it I would highly recomend attending a concert!!! It's a day later and I am still humming the songs. Good times!!
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