Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Case of the Missing Wallet

So yesterday it was about lunch time and I decided that I wanted to go down to this little shop by my house that sells fresh pasta. They make it frest every morning. I am so loving their handmade ravioli!!! So I get dressed and find my purse but I decide to check and make sure I have some cash before I leave because the pasta store doesn't take credit cards. So I reach for my wallet and panic sets in......IT'S NOT THERE!!!!!! I dump my purse out...no wallet... I look in my coat pockets...no wallet. I start tracing my steps and get Matt involved in the search but we couldn't find it anywhere.
You know that panic feeling you have when your wallet is missing??? You start thinking about having to call the bank and get new bank cards, drivers licences and all those other priceless items you have in there that will be a HUGE pain to replace. Gulp!
I was pretty sure that the last place I had it was at the grocery store. So we went down there to see if I had left it. I walked in and the checker looked up at me and said "Oh your here! We found your wallet!" Ahhhh, I can breathe again. She called the manager who went and got it from the back somewhere and brought it to me. We decided to do some shopping since we were there and as we shopped every employee we saw asked me if I had gotten my wallet. Even the butcher asked me! Apparently, I was the talk of the store!
This is one of the pay offs to living in Italy. I go to the same small grocery store about every other day. The same people have been working there since we moved to Ancona 4 years ago. You start to get to know each other. Boy was I glad they knew me!!!!
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